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Picture from jasper "Eyes"

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You get exactly the sample that is presented in the photo.

At the back of the panel there are 4 mounts that allow you to place the picture, both vertically and vertically.
The drawing on the stone was created by nature itself in the process of creating our planet.

About jasper stone:
For the colorful and bright color of the stone, jasper, like the Greeks the Slavs called "jasper" - "speckled stone."
As healers, jasper is appreciated for its beneficial effects on the aura. Jasper, improving aura reduces the number of epileptic attacks, improves sleep and relieves anxiety. Especially for medicinal purposes, red jasper is appreciated for its ability to stimulate the cardiovascular system and activate the body's reserves. According to ancient healers, jasper helps to heal wounds, ulcers and many other skin diseases.
In magic, jasper is known as the only mineral that can remove the negative energy accumulated over its entire life. Products made from jasper become in the life of the owner conductors of good luck, happiness and prosperity.
According to ancient jasper, it takes them away from thieves and hides the secretive, preventing the stranger from finding the hidden.

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