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Charoite Pocket Business Card Case - Double Sided

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You get exactly the sample that is presented in the photo.

The robust metal case of the card holder is resistant to falls and shocks, does not crumple and does not bend, keeping the cards inserted intact.

The case of the card holder is decorated with two thin charoite pads. The thickness of the linings is not more than 2 mm, so the weight of this accessory is minimal.

A unique and enchantingly iridescent rare charoite, mined in only one place on the planet. The stone captivates with its beauty, attracting attention, emphasizing to others the sense of style of the owner and status.

About Charoite Stone:
Charoite is one of the young minerals. It was first discovered only in 1948 on the banks of the Chara River, which gave the name to this mineral.
At the moment, charoite deposits on the planet are found only in one place, in the channel of the Chara River. Due to the rarity of this mineral, the government of Yakutia imposed restrictions on production and amount to only 100 thousand tons per year.

Magical properties.
Since the stone was found not so long ago, the magical properties of charoite are not fully disclosed.
From ancient times, lilac and bluish colors were attributed to learned men: sages, thinkers and philosophers. Therefore, for the lilac and purple colors of the stone, charoite is credited with such properties as:
- To give prudence, calmness and help to overcome crisis situations in life;
- protect its owner from energy vampires.

The healing properties.
Due to its unique color, iridescent plexus plexuses, the mineral has an excellent calming effect and helps to concentrate, improving mood. Charoite helps with various mental illnesses and neuroses.

To whom it suits.
The properties of the stone have not yet been fully studied, but we can say for sure that this stone is perfect for creative people, people under stressful situations and working with a large amount of information that require concentration

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