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Serpentinite Box with Crenoid Insert

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You get exactly the sample that is presented in the photo.

The combination of dark serpentinite and a light crenoid insert on the lid makes the box very special.

About serpentinite:
The name of the stone serpentine dates back to the Latin word serpens - snake. It really resembles snake skin, and its color varies from greenish yellow to dark green. The stone is clearly marked with streaks and streaks.
Among the peoples of the Urals there is a belief that serpentinite is the fossilized parts of the skin of a snake that guarded the treasures of the mountains, Poloz, which he dumped, changing to a new one. Emerald green placers are the remains of the skin of the great guard, petrified by time and natural processes.
The Great Snake is a character who was believed in for many centuries, and still believe.

Another little-known name for serpentinite is a pharmacy stone. In the old days, pharmacy mortars, jars and bottles were made from the coil for storing ready-made healing potions - it was believed that the coil was the best suited for these purposes, since it enhanced the healing properties of medicines and rubbing.
As many lithotherapists assure, serpentinite is able to help with:
- relieve headaches;
- accelerate bone fusion;
- stabilize blood pressure;
- relieve inflammation in the kidneys and digestive tract;
- calming effect on the nervous system;
- strengthen the effect of drugs and accelerate the healing process.

About Crenoid:
Crenoid is one of the varieties of marble. A red tint to the stone gives a high iron content.

In lithotherapy, it is believed that it is due to the high concentration of iron in the cranoid that it nourishes the owner with energy and helps to cleanse the blood, positively affecting the general well-being of the body.

Stone loves and respects open, pure thoughts.
Products made of serpentinite can be bought for yourself or presented with pure thoughts. But don’t give gifts from serpentinite.

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