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"Happy Ruble" with stand

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You get exactly the sample that is presented in the photo.

An original souvenir to attract good luck and wealth.

The combination of a golden pattern and two types of coil, different in color, give special expressiveness and brightness.

Golden pattern and iridescent paint of the stone will certainly be noticed and appreciated by others.

On one side of the souvenir is the image of the national currency of Russia “1 ruble”. And on the other hand, a conspiracy text saying “This ruble is a guarantee of stability, increased income and good luck, and, as a result, a guarantee of a good mood! Take care of him! ”

About Serpentinite Stone:
Another little-known name for serpentinite is a pharmacy stone. In the old days, pharmacy steps, bananas and bottles for storing finished healing elements were made from serpentivite - it was believed that the coil could not be better suited for these purposes, since it enhances the target properties of medicines and rubbing.
As many lithotherapists assure, serpentivitis can help with:
- relieve headaches;
- accelerate bone fusion;
- stabilize blood pressure;
- relieve inflammation in the kidneys and digestive tract;
- calming effect on the nervous system;
- strengthen the effect of drugs and accelerate the healing process.

Serpentivitis can attract many trials to the wearer. The stone will become a very powerful amulet for its owner. and will contribute to success in all areas of life.
Stone loves and respects open, pure thoughts.
Products made of serpentivit can be bought for yourself or presented with pure thoughts. But don’t give gifts from the coil.

Coil (Serpentinite)
The size, mm

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