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Stone Flower - Fluorite.

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Flower petals are made of fluorite.
Leaflets of a flower - from a coil.
The leaves and petals of the flower are worked out as much as possible and look like living.

In a straightened form, the flower is 150 * 100 * 70 mm.

The petals of the flower are fixed on a strong wire, it allows you to give the flower an individual shape.


Thanks to fluorine in its composition, the mineral contributes to the rapid regeneration of cells, strengthens the immune system and reduces weather sensitivity.

It is believed that stone can help develop psychic abilities. Therefore, sorcerers and magicians fluorite is used as a talisman stone.
Since ancient times, it is believed that fluorite brings success to a person in work and creative work.
To lovers, this stone helps to create harmony in the relationship, protecting and protecting from negative energy.

As many lithotherapists assure, the Serpentine is able to help with:
- relieve headaches;
- accelerate bone fusion;
- stabilize blood pressure;
- relieve inflammation in the kidneys and digestive tract;
- calming effect on the nervous system;
- strengthen the effect of drugs and speed up the healing process.
The Serpentine is a powerful amulet and amulet. It absorbs negative energy, thus purifying the soul, body and surrounding space. That is why it contributes to success in the professional field.

Serpentine has a beneficial effect on people seeking knowledge and those who help others. He can be the mascot of doctors and pharmacists, and can also bring success in law and business.


Coil (Serpentinite)
The size, mm

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