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Round mirror "Double ornament with rhodonite"

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You get exactly the sample that is presented in the photo.

Round metal mirror with embossed birch bark overlays and decorated with natural rhodonite.

Two mirrors provide maximum usability. And the lining on the lid zarkala from a "warm" birch bark will not allow the mirror to slip out of his hands. The small size of the mirror will allow it to easily fit in your pocket or in a small handbag. Inlaid rhodonite will become not only a beautiful part of the accessory, but also a good mascot-helper in life.

Rhodonite, translated from Greek "rhodon" - "Rose".

For its pink color, Rhodonite has been considered a female stone since ancient times.

Rhodonite is considered to be a primordially Russian stone; among the Ural gems in value it is second only to malachite. This stone was first found in the Urals, where its richest reserves in the world are to this day.

In Russia, rhodonite was called “eaglet”, since small pebbles were found in eagle's nests.

As believed in antiquity, and has been proven by recent studies, rhodonite helps with cancer and the prevention of eye diseases. When normalizing the nervous system for neurosis and stress, it helps to normalize the functioning of the cardiovascular system and thyroid gland.

But rhodonite has not only healing properties, but also magical. Orlets, as the stone was called in Russia, protects the family hearth from squabbles, intrigues and negative energy. For people without a family, it helps to find their soul mate and contributes to a longer and stronger marriage.

Rhodonite absorbs all the negative energy of the owner, irritation, drowsiness, and gives back to the positively charged energy, improving mood and giving joy to life.

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