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Business card holder with malachite

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You get exactly the sample that is presented in the photo.

Pocket metal business card holder decorated with birch baits, hand-embossed, and natural malachite. In the manufacture of the master, an unusual combination of metal, birch bark and natural stone was used.

The unique texture of birch bark pads and the stone pattern created by nature make the card holder special and unique.


About malachite stone:
Malachite is a stone of fulfillment of desires. Since ancient times, green tones are considered to be magical and extremely valuable.

In Russia, malachite, for its special iridescent color was called - peacock stone.
Ancient healers knew that malachite perfectly treats various skin diseases, asthma, strengthens hair roots, this stone also helps to concentrate and relieve stress. And its green iridescent color helps to normalize eye pressure and relieve eye fatigue. To do this, you just need to put the product with malachite on your desktop and look at it from time to time.

Like all stones, malachite also has special magical properties. Malachite helps in fulfilling dreams and protects against negative energy. The money put in a box with malachite contributes to the addition of wealth in the family.

The green color of the stone helps women to attract the attention of men, and men - to neutralize negative desires and thoughts.

According to ancient books on stones, the owner of the stone becomes invisible to evil spirits and negative energy. And according to the ancient sages, the owner of the stone himself may become invisible.

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Birch bark
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